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Seven Gems

Next level systems

Just some of our features...

  • Rich feature set

    High definition calling, instant Email delivery of email with voice transcription, programmable voice menus and call hunting.

  • Private and secure

    Dedicated and reliable. Your private cloud system isn't shared by anyone else.

  • Simple, competitive pricing

    Our pricing model is simple - choose the number of users on the system. Unlimited domestic calling is included with each seat.


Why is GemVoice pricing so much simpler compared to many competitors?

Traditional VoIP vendors typically approach voice services from a traditional angle and that's reflected in their overly-complex pricing models. We've tried to rethink each step of the VoIP process from start to finish and are focused on offering a fresh perspective and amazing overall end-user experience.

What do you mean by private cloud systems?

We aim to provide an unparalleled voice solution for your organization. One major part of that is ensuring that your voice communication is processed by a system that is exclusively yours and not shared by anyone else. By taking advantage of modern cloud technology, we can provide a private calling platform that stands to serve your organization only.

I'm a current customer, where can I learn about system reliability?

You can find our up-to-the-minute status, as well as historical system reliability information at http://status.sevengems.com.

Where can I find how-tos and other documentation to help me get started?

You can find our system and phone help guides at http://docs.sevengems.com.