Seven Gems Ambassador Program



Who is Seven Gems?

Seven Gems is a cloud-based technology provider that offers simplified and flexible, yet extremely powerful core technology systems. The modular design allows businesses to quickly deploy systems with maximum scalability, crystal clear communications and cutting edge technology. Costs are minimized by only adding necessary options, reducing or eliminating ongoing support, and through highly competitive pricing.


Seven Gems services include:

  • GemVoice - Private Cloud Voice Services
  • Hyper A.D. - Private Cloud Directory Services
  • Fluffy Robot - Cloud Smartphone Software (in development)


Basic Company Facts

  • Founded in 2014
  • Headquarters: 185 Madison Avenue, Manhattan New York


What are cloud services?

Cloud computing is computing based on the internet. Where in the past, people would run applications or programs from software downloaded on a physical computer or server in their building, cloud computing allows people access to the same kinds of applications through the internet.


What are the advantages of Seven Gems cloud services?

  • Flexibility – Our systems can fit many types of organizations, business models, and sizes.
  • Customizable – Each system can be customized to function exactly how an organization needs it work.
  • High Availability – Because our systems run in the world’s top data centers, our systems are always online and ready.
  • Software updates – Organizations don’t have to worry about upgrading and patching their systems, we run the systems and do the upgrading for them.
  • Minimal upfront costs – Cloud systems require the minimum amount of up front spending.
  • Easy sharing and collaboration- Because our systems are cloud based, anybody with an Internet connection can get to them.
  • Work from anywhere – Cloud based systems are accessible anywhere, so remote workers can work just the same as premise based workers.
  • Security – Our systems are built with a focus on security.
  • Environmentally friendly – No hardware to buy and have to throw out later, lower energy costs, and efficient use of resources are major benefits of cloud based systems.


How does Seven Gems play a pivotal role?

  • Simple sign-up
  • Quick deployment
  • Easy configuration
  • Zero maintenance


What is GemVoice?

GemVoice is a simple yet powerful private cloud service that provides companies with enterprise quality voice service that is secure and cost effective.


What are the different GemVoice service options?

GemVoice Private - $27 / seat/ month
  • This is for exclusively private lines; meaning that there is no cross-use over the line ever
GemVoice Encrypted - $39 / seat/ month
  • This is for encrypted calling for clients with high security requirements
GemVoice Basic - $24 / seat/ month
  • This is our shared system for clients wanting only a few basic lines or less


What is the Ambassador Program?

The Ambassador Program is an official partnership with Seven Gems in which you, as an Ambassador would refer the GemVoice service to existing and future clients - as well as personal relationships – in exchange for an evergreen commission agreement. You can also sign up and receive leads directly from us, which means all you have to do is make the pitch.


How do you become an Ambassador?

You can become an Ambassador by signing up here.


How does the program work?

After signing up as an Ambassador…

  • You will get access to your Ambassador Portal and URL
  • You will get a call from our Ambassador Team to help you with all the materials you may need and answers to any of your questions
  • You will be able to track your referrals and payments
    • We will get you started on how to show prospects our system demos
    • We will be available any time to help you by emailing


What is the purpose of the program?

To provide a better service option for your clients while promoting Seven Gems as well as a “win-win-win relationship”

  • You make on-going money and refer a great service
  • Seven Gems grows its client base
  • The clients you refer are happy with the service


What are the target clients?

  • Any Small Medium Business (SMB)
  • Clients with premise phone systems (phone-line based)
  • Clients that want to be able to be on the move and have fully featured phone systems without having to dial in or use personal cell phone numbers
  • Companies that want to better consolidate their voice services
  • Companies that want to reduce voice service costs
  • Companies that want better voice features
  • Companies that want secure, private calling


What prerequisites must the client have for this to work?

  • High speed internet
  • A network that can support voice traffic


How can I sell this?

  • Sell it to your direct clients
  • Sell to companies of friends and family
  • Pitch it to your own company
  • Advertise our services on your website
  • Outbound sales such as cold calling


How do you identify a good potential sale?

  • Still uses phone lines rather than internet-based services
  • Organization pays too much for voice
  • Organization has legacy voice systems with little functionality and flexibility
  • Wants to use smartphone apps to do extension to extension calling
  • Wants email delivery of voicemails
  • Pays too much or waits too long for changes to their system


What promotional materials will I be given/should be used?

  • Leads lists
  • Demo videos
  • Customer set up information
  • White Paper
  • Competition comparison table (TBD)
  • Call/email script guidelines
  • Resource link list (for further education)
  • Demo phones (for high-volume Ambassador)


What is the commission structure and benefits of the program?

  • As an Ambassador you get paid 8% on referred service revenue. This is an Evergreen membership: as long as the client has the service you make money.


What is the value in becoming an Ambassador?

Participating in the Ambassador Program allows you to…

  • Create relationships with companies who can benefit from GemVoice services while easily generating additional revenue each month
  • Take advantage of your own clients and connections for a scaled approach to revenue and earn from Ambassadors you enroll.
  • Enhance the strength of these relationships given the additional service you have helped them acquire especially at such efficiency and simultaneous low cost.


Is there training available/involved?

Getting you set up as an Ambassador or a GemVoice account can take as little as a couple of minutes. Any further requirements for deployment or set up questions may be addressed on our Website or our FAQ. We also have a 24 hour Help Desk available when you sign up.


What are the general steps for setting up a new Gem Voice system?

  • Pitch
  • Customer sign-up
  • Migration
  • Configuration
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing support


How does Help Desk get involved?

  • Help client with setup or configuration issues
  • Help client use features
  • Help client migrate additional services


What are all of the detailed steps to implementing the GemVoice service for a client?

Note: Your job is to get them to sign up and that’s it. The steps below are simply for your knowledge and to relay to the client if need be.


  • Client Sign Up
    • Description: Client determines how many seats, DIDs (individual phone numbers) and conference rooms they will need, and they will sign up to activate the services
    • Needed from Client: They sign up and purchases one of the three service options vis
  • Network Readiness
    • Description: Assessed by Seven Gems, improvements may be suggested such as equipment. Client questionnaire is sent.
    • Needed from Client:
    • For questionnaire, information will be required such a DID inventory, user extension list, IVR/ring grouping, etc.
  • Provision Phase
    • Description: DID inventory is submitted, LOA’s (letter of authorization) are sent to client, DIDs are procured
    • Needed from Client: They must sign an LOA in order for DID to be switched as well as payment
  • Launch and Initialization
    • Description: Call server node (PS) is launched and configured manually by Seven Gems. Functionality is tested.
    • Needed from Client: Targeted Go-Live date
  • Go-Live
    • Description: System is activated and DID porting is complete. In bound calls are routing to Gem Voice and devices are fully deployed (by client)
    • Needed from Customer: Phones deployed, network configured


What is the role of the Ambassador in this set up?

  • All the Ambassador has to do is pitch and close. Once the client has purchased and signed up for a Gem Voice service, technically the rest is out of the Ambassadors hands and into the hands of Seven Gems.

What are the 5 main reasons why a client should choose GemVoice as opposed to other similar services?

  1. Private Systems
  • Seven Gems provides private cloud instances where other competitors are building shared systems


EXPLANATION: Private cloud computing, by definition is a single-tenant environment where the hardware, storage and network are dedicated to a single client or company. The public cloud is defined as a multi-tenant environment, or a shared system where you buy a “server slice” in a cloud computing environment that is shared with a number of other clients or tenants, and therefore not secure or as efficient.

  1.  Stability and Security
  • We’ve built our systems using top quality cloud architecture (Amazon EC2 products)
  • Secure design and controls


EXPLANATION: Seven Gems provides each client with its own individual cloud server (“instance”). This is very rare and we haven’t seen any other competitor do this. It really has to be a point that we drive in: other services immerse you in big shared systems. With Seven Gems you get an individual cloud server that is completely yours.


The security of the systems themselves, the services and the protocols to be configured are much more secure than competitors.


In terms of the pitch, the hierarchy of strong selling points are #1 Private and #2 Secure.


  1.  Call Routes and Pricing
  • Great voice routing
  • Great international pricing


EXPLANATION: SevenGems uses a well-known SIP Trunk provider for high quality compared to its competitors (provider not disclosed). This is really important for SIP systems; call routes are not commodities. There is a lot of difference in the route latency, stability, reliability, and quality depending on the quality of the SIP Trunk.


The international pricing should speak for itself in comparison to other premise and cloud solutions. Most people see our international rates and say,  “OH WOW!”  


  1. Features
  • Enterprise class feature set (IVR, auto-attendant, ring groups, etc)
  • Voicemail to email delivery
  • SoftPhone capabilities
  • More...

EXPLANATION: While these features are becoming more common among other clod voice services, they are still significant selling points. From a customer point of a view a selling point is something they want and can entice them to buy the product, not necessarily a matrix of who has the features and who doesn’t. We of course want to build features that are both selling points and useful that other people don’t have and many are in development. We do, however provide other assets such as privacy, security, ease of implementation and quality as previously mentioned.


  1. Pricing
  • Per seat pricing in line or better than competition pricing


EXPLANATION: Our $27/sea for Private is comparable or better than the per seat “unlimited model” that a lot of people are going to, and those are not necessarily private


How do Ambassadors acquire leads, and how many are provided on a regular basis?

  • Seven Gems provides the leads for you. The majority of the leads are “cold”, which means we do not currently have an established relationship with them. We provide “warm” leads (those that we do have relationships with) as well but only to the Ambassadors with the top track records.
  • Ambassadors are delegated leads based on the amount of time they spend pitching as well as the type of clientele they pitch to. Therefore, the number of leads is determined on an individual basis once you sign up for the Ambassador program.


What is an example payout system for an Ambassador?

If an Ambassador that makes direct client sales and sets up just 20 Accounts with GemVoice at the lowest likely rate (20 seats x $27/seat) $864 per month (Evergreen).

(20 seats x $27/seat) x 20 accounts = $10,800 in monthly revenue x 8% = $648)

For this scenario all it takes is 20 calls. Imagine if it took only 20 calls, a onetime deal; in just a couple hours or less you could set it up so that you earn several hundred dollars extra each month.

These numbers are based on the lowest likely scenarios as well. You can choose to bring in a few extra bucks or make a full time career out of it. We provide the leads and materials. You make the call and close.


Let us know if you have any further questions.                                                                           

Eva Lana